OpenText Documentum Power Automate Connector by One Fox

Streamline content, metadata and tasks between Documentum and 300+ applications

Documentum Power Automate Connector by One Fox offers organisations a friendly solution to automate content workflows to and from your OpenText ECM-platform. By connecting OpenText Documentum with Microsoft Power Automate and its 300+ connectors to market leading business applications. Allowing you to streamline content processes across a wide spread application landscape, limit information silos and overcome an ever increasing information sprawl.

The Power Automate Connector provides a critical connection between business processes, Enterprise Content Management en end-user needs. Giving them a no-code way of automating their tasks and content workflows. So they can exchange documents, metadata and events between OpenText Documentum and everyday business applications. Without the need for technical or extensive workflow expertise.

  • Limit information silos, increase compliance

    Empower OpenText Documentum as the primary repository for all things content related. Capturing all important business content in one place for necessary compliance and controlled distribution

  • Streamline content across divided applications

    Power Automate Connector allows you to automate content processes across a widespread application landschap. Allowing you to automate easy tasks, decrease workloads while increasing productivity and digital tranformation.

  • End-to-end integration with 300+ connectors

    Connect OpenText Documentum to nearly any business application, app or content repository. Giving you out-of-the-box integration with applications from Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce, Adobe, Box and many more.

The combination of OpenText and Microsoft helps organizations reduce costs, increase productivity, accelerate innovation and improve flexibility. "

Streamline ECM

Integrate Documentum to over 300 business applications through the Power Automate Connector. In order to store and archive all important business content into OpenText Documentum for necessary compliance and controlled distribution. Closing the gap between widespread application landscape and information silos.

Automating content distribution will improve productivity, increaseg your grip on unstructured processes and free up your employees from repetitive tasks. Leading up to a more cost efficient way of working.


Workflow automation

Automate content workflows while eliminating manual and repetitive tasks with out-of-the-box workflows. Documentum Power Automate Connector streamlines your content to and from your OpenText Documentum platform. Powering your employees' productivity while streamlining content-centric business processes. Lessening the pressure of your workloads and saving time in the process.

Use any of the pre-created workflow-templates to empower your productivity and increase compliance:

Approvals & Digital Signing

Send documents from Documentum out for approval or a digital signature with DocuSign, Adobe Sign, etc. While securing all approved and signed content back in Documentum.


Onboarding workflows

Automate onboarding processes by informing and capture information from new employees, customers and partners. Kick-starting and streamlining HRM and sales onboarding processes.


Collaboration Archiving

Capture content from collaboration platforms and tools like Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Teams, Planner, etc. For centralized storage in Documentum and increased compliance.


Social Media & Website Archiving

Automatically archive your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram feeds and, through RSS-feeds, your website & blog posts. For centralized archiving, including metadata, and retrievability.


Disaster recovery

Content that is crucial to your business operations can't just be kept in one place. Automatically storing this content externally allows you to secure your organisations most importent content and procedures.


Cloud Storage Archiving

Capture and synchronise Cloud storages like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and more. In order to secure important (collaboration) content into OpenText Documentum.

“Power Automate Connector by One Fox enables employees to realize approval processes for documents in OpenText Documentum”

OpenText & Microsoft Power Automate

The Power Automate Connectors were developed by One Fox in close collaboration with OpenText. To offer you an accessible workflow solution on top of the OpenText ECM-platform and related Extended ECM solutions.

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