OpenText eDOCS

Secure documents & (case) files. Archive documents of value. In line with (inter)national standards, archiving and privacy laws.

OpenText eDOCS has proven itself to be a solution that helps organizations store, manage and archive (process)information, documents, and (case)files. eDOCS supports digital processes and information flows so that the entire company can centrally access and store information securely. Resulting in better information services and business support.

  • 30 + million documents stored centrally, no problem!

    Several organizations have tested the limits of eDOCS. Without affecting performance! eDOCS continues to perform, even with massive amounts of documents. While still requiring only minimum maintenance effort and cost.

  • Help support the standardization of business processes

    We can help store your (process)information centrally and in a standardized manner. For complete (case)files, ready to archive and/or transfer to an e-Depot. And help you find and access the required business information easily, even after 20 years.

  • Make better use of your eDOCS environment

    15 + years of experience with eDOCS ensures that we know each document library, institution, and API. More importantly, we know how to help your organization leverage eDOCS even better!

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