One Fox Keep

Platform for Intelligent Email & Social Media Archiving

Organisations deal with an increasing number of communication channels and increased volume of communication. These e-mails, chats and social media posts often contain critical business information that needs to be securely stored and managed in accordance with regulatory compliance rules.

One Fox Keep provides an intelligent and automated way to archive business e-mails, chats and social media in accordance with regulations and/or your own business rules. Through Artificial Intelligence these e-mails, chat and social media posts are automatically classified and centrally stored in the right location with the right retention labels. Controlled access makes it secure, yet easy to find the right communication when you need to, in case of information requests, audits, etc.

  • E-mail Archiving

    E-mail is the number one business communication channel. Making it the number one priority for organisations to archive their crucial business information. One Keep proved a fully automated way of archiving business e-mails through A.I.

  • Social Media Archiving

    Automatically archive your organisations social media posts, chats and reactions from: LinkedIn, X (Twitter), Instagram and Facebook (among others).

  • Artificial Intelligence

    One Fox Keep uses A.I. to automatically classify e-mails, chats and social media posts, find the right location for save keeping and determine retention labels. A.I. search makes sure you can find the right information with ease.

The combination of OpenText and Microsoft helps organizations reduce costs, increase productivity, accelerate innovation and improve flexibility. "

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