Location based collaboration. Work together and share business information through an Esri map.

Bridge the gap between your documents, (case)files and their geographic location. Connect your document management (DMS), case management or process applications (BPM) with your geographical information system (GIS). To quickly access and share location based information with your organization, external partners and your customers.

  • Combine your documents and case files with location data

    Enrich your documents and case files with relevant location data. In order to bring a new dimension to your ECM services and get the most out of your location-based information. Information on the map allows you to add location data to the documents, case files in your existing business applications, both manually and fully automated.

  • Connect your document and process systems to the map

    Connect your information management and geographic information systems GIS) through a standardized interface. So your objects and assets are enriched with business information such as maintenance reports, media files, technical drawings, permits and so on.

  • Visualize your files and documents

    Use the map to access and share location based information, both inside and outside of the organization. From the office or our in the field. Your employees and customers can access documents relevant to their current location. And understand them better in context of their surroundings.

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