Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint lets you easily store and share information. With your teams, across departments and within your projects.

Not yet ready to fully setup an Office 365 environment? Still want to collaborate within your organization and quickly share information with colleagues. Microsoft SharePoint offers you a flexible platform, with which you can store and share information quickly. Through specific sites your can give each project teams or department a place of their own to collaborate, access and share information more easily and efficiently.

  • Enjoy your own little piece of SharePoint

    Are you looking for a platform, on which you and all your colleagues want to store, access and share digital business information? From your own files, to files related to your department, projects or other collaborations. SharePoint allows you to easily create a site for each purpose. So that everyone in your organization has their own spot.
  • Easily collaborate and share information

    Meet a flexible way of information sharing and collaboration. Microsoft SharePoint is a rich collaboration platform that suits the way you want to work. You can easily store and share your work, start and manage project or team sites and manage them, while you can access all your information and contact your colleagues. All on one platform.
  • Continue to work anywhere, anytime

    It doesn't matter where you want to work. You’ll always and instantly have access to a familiar, consistent source of information and collaboration. You’ll be able to continue to work where you left off. Whether you just reached the office or are on the road to an appointment or your home. You'll even be able to communicate or join a meeting with your team while your on the go.

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Read how to 'bridge the gap' between Microsoft SharePoint and your DM/RM systems in this whitepaper.

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